Forestry and Deer Business Support (England)

Help for deer businesses

All six species of deer in England have increased in density and range over the last 40 years. As deer populations grow, their impact on the ground flora and the structure of woods increases. Fallow and muntjac in particular have caused considerable damage in lowland woodlands.

In their leaflet the England Woodland Biodiversity Group highlight why managing deer impacts is essential to improving woodland biodiversity.

Key to controlling deer numbers is effective and efficient deer stalking, collaborative management, and a thriving local venison market. Forestry Commission England and Natural England are supporting deer management by working with the Deer Initiative in five priority areas. These are areas where deer have been shown to have the highest impact on designated sites (e.g. Sites of Special Scientific Interest). If you are in one of the five priority areas highlighted you can use this map to see what support could be available to help develop your business.

The Deer Initiative can provide further support in each of these areas with help to develop deer management plans, work with your neighbours and support businesses based on good deer management.

If you are not in one of these areas business support and funding may sill be possible. Visit the LEADER funding and Local Enterprise Partnerships pages on this site for help in your area.

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